9 Apr 2011


Scope of Mechanical engineering in the coming years?

without labor and hard work you can not go so far in your career. whatever branch you will choose you have to do hard work to reach in top of the career.
obviously in mechanical engineering the physical is much more than the computer science engineering. but in computer science engineering brain work is much higher and also work load in IT industry or software industry is very high than mechanical engineering branch.

scope of mechanical engineering is very high. some time mechanical is called evergreen branch of engineering because of it's continuing good scope. there are so many company those recruit mechanical engineer in various post. some of the companies are L& T, TATA, Mahindra, Indian railway etc.

in higher study also mechanical engineering face a good advantage. there are so many subject in higher study and also do many institution offer mechanical engineering In India.
one more advantage if you choose mechanical engineering that you may built your career in IT field even after passing out from mechanical engineering. TCS, CTS etc leading IT company also recruit software engineer from mechanical engineering also. so after two years of mechanical engineering if you think that you want to built your career in IT field then concentrate on computer subject and computer programing and try to get job in software field. surely you will get good job. 
best of luck.